High School

For me, high school was a humbling experience. The transition from middle school to high school, coupled with a transition from a different school system in a different town, allowed me to experience my first Cs, Ds, and Fs. (Not as course grades; don’t worry.) In middle school, I never got anything below A-, and exerted minimal effort.

Fact: ABRHS certainly is tougher than a lot of other schools in MA. If you graduated at the top of the class, chances are, you probably went to a great college, and you probably will be very successful later on in life. ABRHS does prepare students well for college; most graduates I know are doing quite well in college.

It’s great if you graduated from ABRHS with flying colors, but the rest of us mortals would do well to remember that we are far, far, far from the top, even if we are considered “smart” in college.

(I’m posting this because I’m slightly pissed that certain people have forgotten this, and have become exponentially obnoxious since high school.)


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