Summer Biking Adventures

I’ve been riding my bike around a lot this summer. Well, my sister’s bike. Mine is currently somewhere in Troy, NY. It’s currently sitting in a pawn shop, in the garage of someone who got it at a pawn shop, or it is being used as the getaway vehicle of a sixth grader who has mugged someone. It got stolen by Troylets four days before I left.

I’ve been through 4-way intersections with lights. I’ve biked through a small roundabout in Carlisle. I’ve been on 50 mph roads (Great Rd/2A). Whenever possible, I try to ride my bike instead of drive a car. And I can navigate and read maps! So I’ve made some progress since those <1-mile trips to NARA park. Although, I’m still pretty bad at making left turns, especially in heavy traffic.

I biked through Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle, the other day, and saw my first Indigo Bunting! I have yet to make the trip to Great Meadows, though. The distance (8 mi) is not a problem. What is a big deal, though, is this:


I also have a problem carrying water. My (sister’s) bike doesn’t have the screws for a water bottle cage, so I’m stuck carrying water in a fanny pack.

A more pressing issue– There’s something wrong with the rear derailleur. It’s bent, and I can’t change into my lowest back gear without getting it caught in the spokes. In addition, I can’t shift into my second highest back gear, and one of the back sprockets has a missing tooth. Also, the front wheel keeps rubbing against the brake. I fixed this problem on the back wheel, but I can’t seem to fix it on the front.

A less pressing issue– As I’m increasing the length of my trips, I’m running out of safe routes to travel. Intersections, I can manage if there are not too many cars, but I don’t want to deal with ramps onto 495 or Rt. 2 on weekdays.