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I was in high school when social networking became popular and “blog” was coined as a word. MySpace, Livejournal, and Xanga were popular with teens. (unfortunately.) I had a Xanga account in high school. I followed my sister, my friends, and two grad students who liked birding. Back then, it seemed that everyone who could type and use the internet had a blog, which often took the form of an online diary/brain dump. Blogging isn’t as ubiquitous now. Most people follow the famous bloggers instead of their friends.

In my freshman year in college I thought I’d continue the tradition, but with a change of scenery. Thus, this site.

As a teen, I was eager to show the world how deep and unconventional I was. This makes me glad that Xanga has been upgrading to version 2.0 ever since 2013 (and is still in phase 2 of 4!). Blogging is almost like getting a tattoo. You make an idea in your head permanent and visible to others, and then you regret it ten years later.

I will probably have my face in my hands when I read this stuff at age 40. Oh well! I had some fun reading my own entries I made 6 years ago. So what is the point of this? I don’t pretend to be good at writing. I can form sentences. I can also add. (Sometimes even in my head.) That’s about it. I’m no good at creative writing or poetry.  I’m restarting this site to keep track of the thoughts I think and the things I do. I like the anonymity that the non-social-network part of the internet offers. Facebook has turned into a tool for tracking people you no longer keep in contact with. I want to improve my writing speed, quality, and style.


So in the past six years, I graduated college, wasted a year of my life, and ended up in grad school. I still don’t really know what I want to do with my life. I haven’t birded in a while. I haven’t played the piano in a while. I ride bikes a lot.

This blog will not have a specific theme. It will be a brain dump!


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