Roommate searching

It’s that time of year when I have to look for roommates on Craigslist. Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten better at reading between the lines when it comes to Craigslist replies. Sometimes, it’s blatantly obvious when the replies are spam or really belong in the “seeking women” section. Some other replies are a bit trickier, and the true nature of the replier only becomes obvious if you think it over a little.


Instant red flags are the mass copy/paste replies and the request to reply to a gmail account instead of the Craigslist-generated email.

But ignoring that… her openness to admitting to loving belly dancing and pole dancing is a little wacky. Well, I guess it’s not too unreasonable since a lot of female-oriented dance-for-fitness classes are trending these days.

But also ignoring that…. She likes reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. Ok. People who actually like reading usually list genres or authors. No one ONLY lists religious texts. Why would you name-drop the Bible/Book of Mormon unless you wanted to make a point? The point that “Camilia” is making is that she is a) a person of quality material who has values, and b) she is Mormon, and the subtext is that she might be open to a polygamous relationship.

“Camilia” is interested in movies, cooking, roadtrips, and camping, which are relationship hobbies.

I also love the request to exchange contact information in case there is an “agreement”.

Not a real person.


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