Yuca and Plantains

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went to Mr Pio Pio’s on Quail St and got this dish with assorted rotisserie meats and fried yuca and plantains. It was so good. The plantains were so good. The last plantains I had were the ones my sister made. She has since become a much better cook. No, really. Her cooking now rivals my mom’s. But anyways….

Last Friday I went grocery shopping before eating dinner. I was STARVING. This was reflected in my purchases, which included yuca, three plantains, seven tomatoes, a package of chicken gizzards, a bag of Chex mix, and an egg custard pie.

I almost never cook real meals. I also rarely eat out- when I do, it’s usually pizza or Subway, because it’s cheap and delicious. Usually, this means I eat a lot of crock-pot stews, non-fancy pasta, eggs, salads, and microwaved frozen veggies (I do a good job staying away from the frozen prepared meals.). I eat a lot of sandwiches and “leftovers” burritos. I eat things that taste like food and make me not hungry. I don’t think I crave things like most other people. I’ve done this for years and years and years. I am a creature of habit.

I also have a strange fear of cooking meat. I avoid buying meat besides eggs and occasionally chicken (which I cook in the crock pot until it’s dead). I’ve bought meat to make pulled pork and have had it go bad due to procrastination.

For someone who still eats cans of corn on occasion (mmmm), cooking real dishes is highly unusual. However! I am not only making “real” meals, but I am also improving my culturally competency in my culinary creations! I have made food from three cultures ever since last Friday’s ghrelin-induced shopping spree.

On Friday, I made pasta alla carbonara (for the first time) with spaghetti and turkey sausage.

On Sunday, I made stir-fried chicken gizzards and hearts (for the first time) with onions, garlic, mushrooms, ginger, spicy and mild green peppers, and sesame oil.

On Tuesday, I made pasta alla carbonara (for the second time) with penne, onions, turkey sausage, and broccoli. Getting a little better.

On Wednesday (today!), I made fried yuca and plantains (for the first time). They were pretty darn good, even if I say so myself.

First I chopped the yuca and plantains.


Then I boiled the yuca in water for 15 minutes until they were soft. I fried the plantains and yuca in vegetable oil at 275-300 degrees F. (The black plantains were added to oil heated past its smoke point.) I seasoned with sea salt.


The finished product! Mmmm.