Election 2016

I’ve had a couple of days to process/mourn the results of the election.

I have never worried about a presidency, because all previous candidates were intelligent and extremely qualified. I’m glad Obama won twice, but it would have been okay if McCain or Romney were elected.

Watching Trump get elected was like going through the stages of mourning.

Denial. The polls haven’t closed yet… Hillary will pull through and get the swing states.

Anger. Those Bernie Sanders IDIOTS! Where did you come from, Jill Stein! WTF America, half of us are women! Who the FUCK voted for Trump and WHY?!

Bargaining. (After the election… if we sign this petition the Electoral College will meet in December and Hillary could get the presidency!)

Depression. (The entire week.)

Acceptance. (Starting now.)

In the first couple of days, we have seen an increase in hate crimes and harassment of minorities. Trump has appointed a climate change-denier as head of the EPA. He has named his kids transition team members. There’s talk of cutting funds for research and environmental advocacy. This is so, so terrible.

I hope that the increased hate crimes are due to confirmation bias and mean-spirited revelry from the other side rather than a newly established social norm.

I sincerely hope that we as a country, as a people, will be okay.

A man who has empowered bigoted people to become open about their hatred will be our leader. But this is a country for those who love freedom. We ARE free people. We are free to be nonjudgmental, we are free to be racist, and we are free to be bystanders to racism. The president is merely a persuader. He cannot control our actions nor can he change our attitudes. If WE do not want to be racist, then we will NOT be racist, and we will NOT permit others to be racist.

There is less we can do about the possible de-funding of scientific research/EPA… but we can also try to be greener… generate less waste, turn off the lights, keep the heat low, drive less, etc. This is the part that scares me more about Trumps upcoming presidency….